Season 2 to feature all-queer cast

I am obsessed with this new show on Netflix. Can't get enough! It's like Love Is Blind meets Temptation Island — LOVE IT!

Obviously, I was wondering if there would be a season 2, and sure enough there will be! And as Variety reports, not only has the show already been renewed for a second season but it will feature an ALL-QUEER, MOSTLY FEMALE CAST!

From Variety:

More than a week before “The Ultimatum” premieres on Netflix, the dating series has been renewed for a second season, the streamer announced on Thursday amid an avalanche of other dating show news. Season 2 will follow an all-queer, mostly female cast.

This is exciting, because it's rare in reality TV (dating reality TV, especially) to see the queer community represented. Are You The One did a great job with this in (I think) Season 8. Plus, I think the show's format is set up to really shine with a queer cast. Can't wait!