15 Photos That Sum Up 'The Ultimatum's Chaotic Girls' & Boys' Nights Out

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15 Photos That Sum Up 'The Ultimatum's Chaotic Girls' & Boys' Nights Out

If there are two words to describe Netflix's new chaotic reality dating show The Ultimatum, they are awkward and brutal. Nothing could have summed up just how savage this show really is than by the staged girls and boys nights out midseason. Cocktails and talking to complete strangers who are sleeping with your significant other is a recipe for disaster, if the ending of both nights are any indication.

The Ultimatum is proof that people will endure anything for a chance to gain Instagram followers, as four couples make it to a trial marriage, to varying results. But it's not just the partner swapping that makes this whole premise so shocking. What's super particular about this show is that the cast members aren't isolated in the little world of production throughout. No, it's revealed that not only do most of the contestants live in the same building throughout the trial marriages, they're also going to work, have complete use of their cell phones, and willingly go out on on the town together all while filming. Basically, there are no secrets, and when they all do get together for an on-camera outing, this becomes painfully clear.

Yes, Rae. It's bizarre. 

At the time of the girls and boys night outings, the couples have spent almost two weeks together, so things are getting very real. April Marie and Colby Kiss end up together against their will, and both spend their time realizing what they need to do to get each other back. Meanwhile, April beau Jake Cunningham is shacked up with Rae Williams, and the two are the only couple that seems to be making a real love connection thanks to the experiment. Colby's girlfriend, Madlyn Ballatori is in a trial marriage with Shanique Imari's man, Randall Griffin, and while it seems like she might be more interested in him than her, she's seemingly unaware that talking about his boner over cocktails is impolite. Rae's boyfriend, Zay Wilson, also reportedly gets erections while cuddling, but Rae is too enamored with Josh to even flinch when Shanique shares this information, too.

All of this leads to one of the worst nights out ever.

It all starts with Shanique sharing that she and Zay have been cuddling and he's clearly attracted to her. Rae takes this all in stride, as she's likely texting Jake under the table the whole time.

Over at the boys lounge, Colby accuses Zay of sending him a woman to kiss, essentially blaming Zay for making him cheat.

Shanique gives some of the best interviews of all time, adamant that Zay actually cares about her. She will later regret being so open once Madlyn orders her (probably) fifth cocktail in a silver glass.

Zay physically removes himself from sitting next to Colby, threatening to kick his ass. While he hasn't shown a lot of emotional maturity throughout the season, it was a smart move, as anyone with two eyes and ears would want to punch Colby.

April mentions that Jake went down on her before they started the whole experiment, causing Rae to look physically ill.

The alcohol is really kicking in now, and Madlyn takes it upon herself to tell April that she thinks she talks too much, and that's why her and Jake don't work. Rae stares into the table like she's willing an Uber to come pick her up immediately.

As if Zay wasn't already fired up, Jake admits to him that he thinks Rae is perfect and that Zay is actively messing things up by not posting her on social media. All of which is likely true.

April is increasingly activated by hearing that Rae and Jake have a connection and admits that they've never used protection and that she and Jake have been trying for baby (by default of a lack of birth control, apparently) since Day One. Rae admits to April that he has also used the "if it happens, it happens" approach on her, too.

Madlyn refuses to read a room and starts to talk about how Rae and Jake make "fucking incredible" couple and how she can see that Jake really cares about his new fling, despite April literally hyperventilating about her fertility next to her.

Colby looks like he wants to punch Randall when he hears that Madlyn and him kissed off camera, as if that wasn't the entire point of the show that he forced this woman to go on.

Madlyn sets her sights on Shanique next, talking about how hot she thinks Randall is, that he also gets boners in bed, and that she's very into him.

Yes, Madlyn, you are.

After stirring the pot into a rolling boil, Madlyn gives her last tipsy interview, saying that she's headed to go home and make out with Randall off-camera. Meanwhile, Shanique asks producers to "supervise Madlyn," though whether it's because she's worried about how inebriated she is or because she wants to jump her is unclear.

Everyone goes home a little drunk to recap the night, but it's Jake and Rae's conversation that shows just how messed up this whole situation is. They both joke about how their partners should just date each other and move on, with Jake ending the convo by uttering some of the most romantic words I've ever heard.

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