What Happened To The Real Marie-Andrée Leclerc? 'The Serpent' Accomplice Died Young

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What Happened To The Real Marie-Andrée Leclerc? 'The Serpent' Accomplice Died Young

There's never any doubt that Charles Sobhraj is an evil man in Netflix's The Serpent, but the morality of his accomplice and girlfriend Marie-Andrée Leclerc (who went by Monique while they were together) is far less defined. In the series, she struggles with the reality that she's helping Sobhraj manipulate, drug, and kill travelers on Southeast Asia's famed Hippie Trail. But what happened to the real Marie-Andrée Leclerc offers some insight to her true feelings about her time with the Bikini Killer.

Born October 26, 1945 in Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse, Canada, Leclerc met Sobhraj for the first in India in 1975. At the time, she was just another traveler on the Hippie Trail, enjoying her first ever trip beyond Canada's border when Sobhraj offered to act as a sort of tour guide during her travels. She then returned to Canada and her job as a medical secretary, but she remained in contact with the enigmatic man she met abroad, as reported by The Sun.

Eventually, Sobhraj convinced her to visit him in Bangkok where she officially became an accomplice to his crimes. Soon, Leclerc was helping him drug victims, and on several occasions she used the passports of the women he killed to travel around Asia. However, despite the role she played in administering drugs to some of the travelers the couple lured to Kanit House, she always maintained she played no part in any of the 12 confirmed murders her boyfriend committed. In fact, she claimed she was unaware that any murders were taking place at all.

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