9 Chilling Quotes From 'The Serpent's Charles Sobhraj To The Press

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9 Chilling Quotes From 'The Serpent's Charles Sobhraj To The Press

Serial killers aren't known for being the chattiest of sorts. Many of the most infamous killers tend to lurk in the shadows as they attempt to evade the police, and even if they are caught, it's rare for them to spill the sordid details of their killing sprees to the press. However, there's nothing typical about Charles Sobhraj, the subject of Netflix's The Serpent. Over the years, Sobhraj has delighted in talking to journalists, and some of his quotes are downright chilling.

In 1979, the so-called Bikini Killer detailed his multitude of crimes to author Richard Neville for his biography, The Life and Crimes of Charles Sobhraj. He later recanted his story when it became apparent that there was enough evidence to convict him of murdering at least 12 western travelers on Southeast Asia's Hippie Trail (it's suspected his actual number of victims is much higher). But even after Sobhraj attempted to walk back his confession, he never stopped courting the attention of the press.

Across decades and multiple prison sentences, he has invited journalists to visit him, often offering them an uncapped, bottled coke upon their first meeting — an alarming move since that's how he drugged many of his victims. If Sobhraj has an Achilles heal it's that he yearns to be in the spotlight, at least he does as long as he can control his own narrative. And even though he's been careful not to admit to being serial killer since the publication of Neville's book, he can't help but to allude to his reign of terror in quotes that will send a chill down your spine.

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