Is The Star of Peace Real? Here's The Scoop On 'The Princess Switch 3' Relic

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Is The Star of Peace Real? Here's The Scoop On 'The Princess Switch 3' Relic

Switching places is so last Christmas, the third installment of The Princess Switch franchise is all about that heist life. The Princess Switch 3 rips a page out of A Christmas Prince 3's holiday playbook by introducing an ancient MacGuffin to put a temporary roadblock in the way of everyone's Christmas merriment. While King Richard and Queen Amber had to deal with a missing peace treaty that happened to have an ancient curse attached, the Queen of Montenaro and the Princess of Belgravia have a priceless ancient relic known as the Star of Peace stolen before it can be placed atop the tree at their first joint Christmas event. Now, I suspect there are much bigger questions on your mind right now — like why anyone would put a priceless relic on top of an outdoor Christmas tree where it could potentially be damaged forever — but personally, I couldn't help but wonder if the Star of Peace is a real thing that exists.

In defense of The Princess Switch 3, the movie talks a good game. According to Stacy's helpful narration, the Star of Peace once belonged to St. Nicholas and now resides at the Vatican. Again, it doesn't seem like a great idea for the Vatican to loan out priceless artifacts to be used in Christmas festivals, but I buy the idea they might have some of the real St. Nicholas' possessions tucked away for safekeeping.

As cool as it would be for there to be an actual ancient Christmas tree topper just hanging out in the Vatican archives, it seems The Princess Switch franchise made up this particular relic. According to the internet, old St. Nick never had anything called the Star of Peace in his possession. Although, he was a prolific miracle worker, it seems even he couldn't anticipate the Victorian-era Christmas tree craze that came way after his death.

Now that doesn't mean there aren't quite a few of St. Nicholas' relics floating around. Most of the artifacts belonging to the saint known as the Wonderworker are located in the crypt of the Basilica di San Nicola in Bari, Italy. However, relics can be found everywhere from Belgium to Michigan — and most of them are not things you would want to top a Christmas tree with. In fact, the majority of St. Nicholas' relics are... well, bits of St. Nicholas, like finger bones and a portion of his pelvis. Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like pelvis shards, am I right?

While there doesn't appear to be a Star of Peace attached to St. Nicholas' legacy, "Star of Peace" is the title of catchy choir song. Beyond that, the sparkly relic is a work of fiction likely inspired by the Star of Bethlehem. In the end, the ancient tree topper truly is nothing more than a MacGuffin used to reunite Fiona with her sexy, former Interpol agent boyfriend, Peter. But hey, whatever keeps Vanessa Hudgens playing multiple characters with ridiculous accents in cheesy Christmas movies on my TV screen is worth celebrating in my book. (And it doesn't hurt that the star is awfully shiny, too.)

Images: Mark Mainz/Netflix; Netflix

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