Phyllis Vance is the villain but some of you aren't ready for that conversation

It's time we have the discussion: Phyllis Vance does NOT pass the vibe check.

Here are just a FEW of the reasons:

1. The absolute TOXICITY of Phyllis and Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. When they aren't inviting unsuspecting friends out for a midday meal only to ditch them and boink like bunnies in a bathroom, they are trying to cheat the system by cutting the sacred Pretzel Day Line. (The audacity!)

Not to mention, these two sickos are always bringing innocent bystanders into their evil, twisted little foreplay. As Phyllis says, "I love going to bars with Bob! I tend to wear something low cut, get men to flirt with me...and then Bob beats them up!"

2. Her insatiable desire for power and control over the Party Planning Committee is truly Voldemort adjacent. She used Angela and Dwight's affair for her own personal gain, and when she finally told, it was not out of moral obligation to help her friend, Andy. Instead, it was only because the blackmail was no longer serving her needs. In fact, she never even told Andy! Thereby putting everyone else in the office in an incredibly uncomfortable position!

3. Remember when she listened to 50 Shades of Gray at her desk?

4. From the invitations to the dress, she stole Pam's wedding!

5. Oh, and let's not forget about that deleted scene where Phyllis admits that she and Bob....may have killed a man on their African Safari Honeymoon. Good times.

Did I miss any? (Or, do you have a case for another low key villain on the show?) Comment Below!