Taylor Townsend Was Too Good For Ryan On 'The O.C.'

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Taylor Townsend Was Too Good For Ryan On 'The O.C.'

Ever since The O.C. ended in 2007, I have been happily sailing on the Ryan Atwood & Taylor Townsend ship. But recently, I'm started to wonder if maybe they weren't the OTP I thought they were, and looking back at Season 4, there's really only one conclusion: Taylor Townsend was too good for Ryan Atwood.

Look, I love Ryan and his man tanks, but let's look at the facts. For four years, he was broody, emotionally closed off, and had terrible fashion sense (the leather choker, anyone?). He was indecisive, aloof, and kind of selfish. And, no, Taylor wasn't perfect. She was desperate for male attention, and she first burst onto The O.C. in Season 3 with a massive crush on Seth, so it was reasonable to doubt her real intentions with Ryan in Season 4. Her feelings were intense and slightly stalkery, and she was prone to dramatic outbursts, but her pros far outweighed her cons.

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When Taylor loved someone, she did it with her entire heart — and body. Her feelings were always 100% authentic, even if they were a bit over-the-top. And, yes, she sometimes got a little too invested in Ryan's life, like when she kind of forced him to reunite with his dad, or when she made major life decisions like applying to UC Berkeley without talking to him about it. But, you can't accuse her of not being fully invested in the relationship.

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