8 TV Shows Hollywood Needs To Reboot & How To Do It (Including A 'Scream'-Style 'Dawson's Creek')

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8 TV Shows Hollywood Needs To Reboot & How To Do It (Including A 'Scream'-Style 'Dawson's Creek')

First Sex and the City, Little House on the Prairie, and Night Court announced reboots; now The Wonder Years and Frasier are joining in on the fun. Will it never end? The sheer volume of TV shows being rebooted right now is impressive, to say the least, and while I'm not opposed to a reboot here and there, my main issue is the shows the industry is rebooting. Must they all be so... boring?

Is anybody really dying to know what happened to Frasier? Lee Daniels' Wonder Years reboot is at least attempting to add a twist to the show, focusing on a Black family. But, I find it hard to believe Daniels, whose last big TV project was the mega-hit Empire, couldn't get an original show produced instead. More than that, I just want more.

When will the industry reboot shows we actually want to watch in 2021? To help move things along, I have made a preliminary list of TV shows that Hollywood really should be green lighting instead. I've even got the set-ups ready to go.

The O.C.

Image: Screenshot via HBO Max

The O.C. doesn't necessarily need a straight reboot, but a revival spinoff. I suggest that O.C. creator Josh Schwartz get to work making a show about Grady Bridges (Colin Hanks). The actor used to steal hearts as the star of The Valley (the show's fictional stand in for itself), but now he's a washed up has-been cast as the dad in the new Valley reboot.

An alternative route: Taylor In Paris, which would chronicle the wild sexual adventures of Taylor Townsend in Paris. Something like The O.C. meets Emily in Paris meets Sex and the City, but with better Instagraming.

Dawson's Creek

Image: Screenshot via Netflix

I don't wanna wait... another minute to find out what happened to Amy, Jen's daughter. She'd be the perfect subject of a reboot, especially with a twist. Picture this: Amy is a teenager in Capeside, navigating the same high school Jen did years before. Suddenly, people start dying, and, even weirder, the circumstances of their deaths all mirror famous Dawson's Creek scenes. Someone is using Dawson's semi-autobiographical series as a blueprint for murder, and Amy has to track down the real killer before all her friends turn up dead. It's Dawson's Creek meets Scream meets Pretty Little Liars.

Growing Pains

Image: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube

Growing Pains hasn't had a reboot yet, but, let's face it, it's only a matter of time. This time around, the show can follow Mike Seaver (Kirk Cameron) and his relationship with his teenage children. Only in this show, Mike, like Cameron, has become extremely conservative and politically active — he even refuses to wear masks in public spaces during a global pandemic! His kids, however, are much more liberal. They have to find a way to live under the same roof as their dad, all while trying to teach him about how science works.

Schitt's Creek

Image: Screenshot via Netflix

There's an entire group of fans who have been campaigning for Alexis Rose to be on The Bachelorette, and they're not wrong. Picture this: After giving away her brother at his romantic wedding, Alexis is feeling like she wants to be more proactive in her dating life, especially after moving to L.A. to further her career as a publicist. A few drinks with the right people lands her right in front of Chris Harrison and she's hired as a Bachelorette lead on the spot. Love that love journey for her.

My So-Called Life

Whatever happened to Jordan Catalano? I think we, the people, deserve to know. Of course, knowing Jared Leto, any My So-Called Life reboot would have to be pretty unique to get him to reprise his iconic teen heartthrob role. My suggestion: a documentary style series where Leto can do basically anything in character. Make it improv. Make it weird. Make it Jordan Catalano.

As Told By Ginger

Image: Screenshot via CBS All Access

In this live-action reboot of Nickelodeon's beloved As Told by Ginger, a now grown-up Ginger is moving back home as a single mom to take a job at her former middle school to be a guidance counselor. Too bad kids now have internet access and they can read all about her own tween years in the book she published based on her diaries — and tease her 13-year-old daughter about it. Yikes!


Image: Screenshot via Amazon Prime Video

I would honestly watch any new Bones content the world would want to give me, but I think I speak for all of us Bones fans when I say that the show was really at its best when the team was tracking serial killers. I would love to watch Angela, Hodgins, Bones, Booth, and Camille reunite to hunt down serial killers all over the world — Bones: Serial Killer Edition. (And feel free to resurrect Sweets for absolutely no reason, guys.)

Law & Order: SVU

Law & Order already has a billion spinoffs, but one thing the franchise has never done is an origin story. My proposal is Law & Order: The Making of Olivia Benson, a show about Olivia's high school/college years. What was her relationship with her mother like? How did she realize she wanted to be a cop? How did she become the badass woman we all know and love?

Forget about The Wonder Years or Little House on the Prairie, give me an Olivia Benson high school drama any day. You're welcome, Hollywood.


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