Former 'Laguna Beach' Star Cami Edwards On Her Life Post Show

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Former 'Laguna Beach' Star Cami Edwards On Her Life Post Show

When former Laguna Beach star Cami Edwards and I talked, she opened up about what it was like being on the show as a 16 and 17 year old high school student. What started as just a prom date (with Jason Wahler...) turned into a Season 3 role that would, to some extent, shape her future.

You can read all about Cami's experience on MTV here, but below, we get into her life post-show. Once the cameras stopped rolling, what happened? Cami fills me in on her life now, and reveals the one reality show she can handle watching.

Kelli Williams for The Dipp: So, what you’re up to now?

Cami Edwards: I'm currently living in Los Angeles with my fiancée and daughter. I'm the Director of West Coast Operations for a media company, a certified Pilates instructor and a holistic nutritionist. I have a lot of exciting health and wellness things coming up, so stay tuned!

When did nutrition start playing such a big part in your life?

I really began caring about what I ate during college. Freshman year came – we all know what happens then – and I became hyper aware of what I was eating and putting into my body. I learned a lot along the way and ultimately decided to be become certified to be able to share what I learned with others.

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