'Laguna Beach' Star Cami Edwards Reflects On The Pros & Cons Of Being On The Show

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'Laguna Beach' Star Cami Edwards Reflects On The Pros & Cons Of Being On The Show

Cameron "Cami" Edwards is a name that you probably remember from Season 3 of Laguna Beach. She was Jason Wahler's prom date in Season 2 of Laguna, but the producers didn’t give her a proper introduction until the season after.

During her time on the show, she was known for stirring the pot, knowing everything about anyone, and even joking that she was the therapist of their friend group, since everyone went to her with their issues. What is she up to now? Did she put her teen counseling skills to work and become a psychologist?

Not exactly, but she did find a path that involves helping others. After Laguna, Cami traded in her high school partying ways for a healthier lifestyle – as most of us do once adulthood realities slide in – and has made a career out of inspiring people to live a healthier, happier life.

But before we get into what she's doing now (that will be in part two of our interview), we have to go back and talk about what her life was like then. And by "then" I mean 2006. Cami was a junior in high school and on an extremely popular reality show. What was that like??

Let's find out.

The Dipp: You were in Season 2 of Laguna Beach, but became a featured cast member in Season 3. How did that happen?

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