Who's Cassie's Double In 'The Flight Attendant' Season 2? Let's Narrow Down The Suspects

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Who's Cassie's Double In 'The Flight Attendant' Season 2? Let's Narrow Down The Suspects

Spoilers ahead for the first two episodes of The Flight Attendant Season 2.

Even though she's sober now, Cassie's seeing double on The Flight Attendant. While trailing a mark in Berlin for the CIA, Kaley Cuoco's Cassie spotted an impersonator, who seems to be framing her for murder. The woman with Cassie's blonde hair and butterfly back tattoo slept with Cassie's mark Will, then handed him a briefcase which turned out to have a bomb in it. Now, with Cassie's questionable mental health and the car explosion, you'd be forgiven if you initially wondered if this was somehow a figment of her imagination. But with her suitcase arriving at her new Los Angeles with a blonde wig covered in blood, there's definitely a Cassie imposter in The Flight Attendant Season 2.

Cassie's seeing all sorts of versions of herself since the double spotting in Berlin in her "mind palace." But the doppelgänger who Ani believes is framing Cassie so convincingly looks like her that she was able to sleep with Will and check Cassie out of her hotel. But with only two episodes in, you've got to consider that anyone could be a suspect for who's framing Cassie. So let's investigate the most likely candidates.

Grace St. James

Cassie ruled out Mae Martin's character in the second episode. But Grace shouldn't be crossed off the suspect list just yet with her suspicious military background and drug dealings. Plus, she was in Germany at the time of the explosion. If it is Grace, maybe her offering of Cassie booze isn't just some friendly gesture but calculated because she knows Cassie's an alcoholic and that will help with the framing of her.

Dot Karlson

The CIA boss knows more about what happened with the asset in Berlin than she's telling Cassie, reinforcing the bogus story of the bomb being a gas main explosion. And she was so quick to dismiss Cassie's photos and the back tattoo saying, "While I'm sure your tattoo is lovely, a lot of other women made similar interesting choices in their 20s." So could Dot actually be the double? Cheryl Hines is 20 years older than Cuoco, but she does have blonde hair, a similar build, and she works for the CIA. Plus, the cloudy-eyed CIA agent going by the alias of "Jim Jones" had been spying on the double, so maybe he had been looking into his corrupt boss.

Gabrielle Diaz

The couple Cassie ran into in the Berlin hotel are Gabrielle and Esteban Diaz, who purposefully bumped into the unsuspecting Cassie to copy her phone. Now, the couple is pretending to be Airbnbing the home across from Cassie's. Ahead of the season premiering, the series revealed that Gabrielle is a bounty hunter, which makes it seem like she could be more after North Korea spy Megan than Cassie, but she's still high on the suspect list.

Miranda Croft

Michelle Gomez isn't confirmed to be in Season 2, but perhaps that makes her character the perfect candidate to be Cassie's double. But impersonating Cassie to frame her is much more of a thing Miranda would have done early in Season 1. Because by the end of Season 1, she cared about Cassie and was helping her. But maybe the double is trying to save Cassie from some dirty CIA agents and that's why they sent her suitcase to her with the View-Master toy with photos. And if Miranda is the double, she's certainly got the skillset to pull it off.


Like Miranda, Cecilia was another one of Viktor's employees in Season 1. She may seem like an even longer shot to be Cassie's double, but Cuoco confirmed to Collider that Cecilia is in Season 2. Plus, she's played by Cuoco's sister Briana... and if anyone could convincingly pass for Cassie, it would be Cuoco's real-life sibling.

As Season 2 continues to drop on HBO Max, even more potential doubles may pop up. But for now, the only people Cassie can trust are Ani, Max, and her (real) self.

Images: Julia Terjung (2), Jennifer Rose Clasen (2), Phil Caruso (2)/HBO Max

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