3 Major Questions 'The Flight Attendant' Needs To Answer In Season 2

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3 Major Questions 'The Flight Attendant' Needs To Answer In Season 2

Spoilers for Flight Attendant Season 1 ahead.

Seriously, how many spies can one flight crew have? The Flight Attendant ended its chaotic first season on Thursday, Dec. 17, by revealing that Shane (Griffin Matthews) works for the CIA, and he's interested in recruiting Cassie (Kaley Cuoco). Things seem to have worked out for Cassie, but there are still a lot of questions Flight Attendant needs to answer in Season 2 — if they get a second season, that is.

The Flight Attendant was originally picked up as a mini-series, but given that the show is already being heralded as one of the best of 2020 (and the fact that HBO Max could use a win), there's definitely room for a Season 2 pick up. "I've had some internal conversations with some of the producers and Kaley ... about how much fun that would be and where we think we could go with the show," showrunner Steve Yockey told Deadline of a possible Season 2. Meanwhile, in an interview with The LA Times, Cuoco was enthusiastic about possibly returning for more Flight Attendant, saying, "I think a second season feels right."

I, too, think it feels right... to answer all these lingering questions I have from Season 1!

What Happened To Miranda?

Image: Phil Caruso/HBO Max

Last we saw Miranda (Michelle Gomez), she was playing dead in a tub after a confrontation with Felix (Colin Woodell) before disappearing. Though some theorized that Shane telling Cassie "there was no one else in the room" could mean that Miranda was a figment of Cassie's imagination the entire time, Yockey confirmed she was real — and very much alive. "Miranda is still out there," he told Deadline. (And, really, guys, she left Cassie the book and a note promising to "See you soon," so, we knew that she was real.)

If Miranda is still out there, and still cares about Cassie, it's possible that she might come to the flight-attendant-turned-CIA-asset for help in Season 2. Or maybe the reluctant allies will find themselves on opposite sides of another tangled spy game.

How Is Megan Going To Make Things Right?

Image: Phil Caruso/HBO Max

In the season finale, Megan left her family and went on the run after working as a North Korean asset. But, before she left, she vowed to make things right by her family and her country. We love a good redemption story, I'm on board. But how does an unemployed, former flight attendant... do that? As far as we know, she wasn't that involved in the spy world, and just dabbled in a little corporate espionage on her husband. What connections could she have that would help her get out of this mess?

Is Cassie Going To Work For The CIA?

Image: Phil Caruso/HBO Max

Cassie ended The Flight Attendant sober and back on the job at Imperial Atlantic. And then she got a surprise offer to be a "human asset" for the CIA. You know, normal, everyday stuff. It's not hard to see how Cassie could be a good spy. She's charming, makes friends fast, and is now well versed in the world of espionage. But she's also freshly sober and still kind of a mess of a human in general (no judgment, just facts). Although it would be fun for The Flight Attendant to turn into a jet-setting version of Alias, I'm guessing Cassie working for the government will be a lot more messy than glamorous. And I really want to see it.

Image: Phil Caruso/HBO Max

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