What Message Is Megan Sending On 'The Flight Attendant'? She's On The Run & Needs Cassie's Help

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What Message Is Megan Sending On 'The Flight Attendant'? She's On The Run & Needs Cassie's Help

Spoilers ahead for the first two episodes of The Flight Attendant Season 2.

Cassie might not be having the best of time in The Flight Attendant being framed for murder and all. But at least she's not being hunted by the North Koreans like her old pal. Megan sent Cassie a coded message in The Flight Attendant Season 2 that looked more like an SOS than just a friendly check-in. And despite Cassie having her plate full, it seems like she's going to try and help out her traitorous bestie.

After betraying her husband and handing sensitive information over to the North Koreans in Season 1, Megan Briscoe is on the run in Season 2. In the first two episodes, her whereabouts aren't explicitly stated, but she's been in communication with Cassie... despite Cassie now being an asset for the CIA.

While in Germany, Cassie gets a call from an unknown number and as Spice Girls' "2 Become 1" plays in the background, it's revealed to be Megan. She asks if Cassie received a key in the mail, which explains the letter plastered in European postage that Cassie got that had been sent from Cassie to Cassie. But before Megan can explain why she sent a key, Cassie says she doesn't have time for one of their "weird, off-the-record chats." And when Megan drops the phone with a gasp and Cassie witnesses a bombing, they don't really find the time to resume the convo.

Cassie does call Megan back when she's stateside again. But Megan doesn't pick up the phone because she's busy hiding out in a back room of a bar, peering out on what has to be a North Korean spy. This time, The Cardigans' "Lovefool" is playing, so someone at the bar has my CD collection from 1996.

By the second episode, "Mushrooms, Tasers, and Bears, Oh My!," Megan is very much still alive, if quite skittish. Now, she's hunting for poisonous mushrooms (Omphalotus olearius, or jack-o'-lantern mushrooms, as her book states). She's busy grinding these poisonous puppies into a powder before she's interrupted by Margaret Cho, asking for a slow dance to the song, "The End of the World." It's hard to read Rosie Perez's body language here — is she simply annoyed by Cho's character's appearance or is she threatened and the mushrooms for her? It may be the latter if the cryptic Snapchat that Megan sends to Cassie via Eli is any indication.

So let's break down the emojis in the Snapchat message that Megan sent. It says, "Bravo - Women with Bunny Ears - Key - Penguin - Fast-Forward Button - Cherries - Crown - LI - Folded Hands - 7700."

Some of the easiest things to pick out are the key and the penguin, which looks like the puffin keychain she had already sent to Cassie. And then there's 7700, which is the code for emergency in airline speak. So Megan is definitely still in danger. But from whom? And where is she?

Thanks to Season 2 trailer and Perez's Instagram posts, the show has already revealed that Megan is in Iceland in Season 2. Megan also states in the trailer, "The North Koreans have a bounty on my head." (She's also disturbingly a bit happy about it. Oh, Megan.)

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As Cho is Korean-American, is she a friend or foe of Megan's? Well, all that's known about Cho's character is that her name is Utada... and the name "Utada" appears to be Japanese in origin. So maybe Utada isn't out to get Megan after all and is helping her. Or, Megan's keeping her enemies close.

Either way, this message may be what launches Cassie to go to Iceland to help her friend. Because even though she has her own very serious issues to deal with at home, Cassie can't help but through herself into danger. After all, Megan is her bestie.

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