Can Cassie Trust Grace On 'The Flight Attendant'? Mae Martin's Character Has Got Some Secrets

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Can Cassie Trust Grace On 'The Flight Attendant'? Mae Martin's Character Has Got Some Secrets

Cassie Bowden may be a CIA asset in Season 2 of The Flight Attendant, but she's still making time to hang with her fellow flight attendants. Spoilers ahead. Her newest and coolest coworker though is the tiniest bit of a mystery. Cassie suspects that Mae Martin's Grace on The Flight Attendant was impersonating her in Germany in "Mushrooms, Tasers, and Bears, Oh My!" But by the end of Cassie's sleuthing, it doesn't seem like Grace was responsible for the bomb that killed her CIA mark. But even if Cassie is willing to take her off the suspect list, this new character must be hiding something.

Considering that Cassie's Season 1 coworkers Megan Briscoe and Shane Evans turned out to be involved in corporate espionage with North Korea and the CIA, respectively, it's not out of the question to think that Grace could be involved in something nefarious. And Cassie pretty quickly jumps to the conclusion that Grace was the person in the blonde wig sleeping with her mark in Berlin, Will. But after a day spent tracking Grace (that ends with Grace having a reason for why she was doing a shady business deal at an airport and not having a Cassie back tattoo or marks on her neck), Cassie's convinced that Grace isn't the person pretending to be her.

But even without Cassie seeing Grace's un-tattooed back in the shower, it wasn't likely that Grace had been the one impersonating her. (Though, I must point out that whoever was pretending to be her probably only had a temporary tattoo.) After all, what type of mystery would Season 2 be if Cassie's first hunch turned out to be right? But there's definitely still something suspicious about Grace.

She's got a ceremonial shamshir from Fallujah and an outrageously nice house... especially on a flight attendant's salary (though I guess that could be from her fentanyl lollipop side hustle). So it seems very possible that Grace could have some secret skills or powerful associations that she gained while she was in the military. And who's the fellow soldier that was ripped off in the other half of her photograph from the army? As she says, she keeps it to remind herself that "people come and go and the only person you can really trust is yourself." So someone she served in the army with hurt her.

With Cheryl Hines's CIA boss Dot Karlson dismissing Cassie's claims of an impersonator and saying the suitcase bomb that went off at Will's car was a "faulty gas main," perhaps there's reason for Cassie to distrust the CIA. Especially since the man with the cloudy cornea that Cassie spotted in the Berlin hotel was also in the CIA's LA offices. Grace had also noticed the man with a "milky eye" on the flight from Germany. So maybe Grace St. James's disillusioned soldier will end up helping Cassie uncover some dirty CIA agents.

Or could that person in the photo with Grace back in her military days be a character that viewers have seen before? Is it too far-fetched to hope that, with no explicit news on Michelle Gomez returning to the show, that Miranda Croft is the one in camo on the other side of the photo?

Sure, Martin's character could simply be a really cool person who bakes sourdough bread and works on upending the corrupt pharmaceutical drug trade in their spare time. But it seems more likely that there's got to be something else going on with Grace... even if that something else ends up being that she's a force for good.

Images: Jennifer Rose Clasen/HBO Max

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