What The Fuck Is Prue Leith Hiding?

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What The Fuck Is Prue Leith Hiding?

Secrets and Prue Leith, co-judge of Great British Bake-Off (or Baking Show, depending on where you watch it), aren't often spoken of in the same sentence. (Unless you're talking about the one time in 2017 when Prue accidentally revealed the secret winner of GBBO via her Twitter account.) But after watching Prue taste a myriad of pastries, breads, cakes, and that random rainbow bagel over the last few years on GBBO, I need to speak my truth... Prue Leith is hiding something.

Each episode of GBBO is made up of three competitions: the signature bake, the technical challenge, and the show-stopper. So each baker, this season started with 12 bakers, creates at least three things for the judges (Prue and Paul Hollywood) to try in each episode. That means, at the start of this season for example, Prue was tasting 36 baked goods in the premiere alone. Sounds like a stomachache.

I bring maths up because I'm trying to prove the point that we spend a lot of time with Prue while she's tasting something. And it's in that moment — that vulnerable, about-to-pop-this-sticky-bun-in-my-mouth moment — that I believe Prue let's her guard down just enough to show us that this woman has a deep dark secret and she is going to take it to her damn grave. Just look:

So what is it that Prue is hiding? What is her secret? Some thoughts:

  • She drank the booze for the rum cakes
  • She doesn't actually like the statement necklaces they put her in
  • She hates desserts
  • She knowingly spoiled the 2017 GBBO for the thrill
  • She is the only person that knows Paul wears blue contact lenses
  • She misses Sandi Toksvig
  • Her glasses are just props, there's no prescription
  • She fucked with someone's oven temperature just to feel something

All I ask is that you look beyond the thick colorful frames and into those eyes and tell me that this woman isn't harboring a massive secret next time you tune into Great British Bake-Off. Unfortunately, much like the bake time in a technical, we may never know what it is.

Images: Netflix

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