These 5 Things Help Change My Anxiety About First Dates Into Excitement

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These 5 Things Help Change My Anxiety About First Dates Into Excitement

Running into your ex and their new person. Cutting yourself while shaving. A zombie apocalypse. These are all things that often seem more appealing than going on a first date. In 2021, the dating scene is completely different than it was two years ago, let alone ten years ago, and long gone are the days of effortlessly meeting a cute person at a bar or the gym.

Online dating may be easy and convenient, but it's made the whole concept of a first date a little awkward. Will she look like her profile pictures? Did he lie about his height? Knowing a little bit about what they look like and a little bit about their personality is just this weird gray area.

I've been single for a while, which means I've probably gone on more first dates than the average 31-year-old woman, and I can honestly tell you that no matter how many first dates I've been on, I'm always nervous and anxious before going on one. But I've developed a system.

To help settle my nerves and keep me from cancelling every date before I even meet the guy, I have a list of my "must dos" before a first date. Hopefully, this list can help ease your anxieties and fears about going out in the dating world, too.

I still haven't met the right person yet, but I know that I'm showing up comfortable and confident, which is half the battle. And if I can follow this list, anyone can :)

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