Chanel's $825 Advent Calendar Scandal Was Handled All Wrong

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Chanel's $825 Advent Calendar Scandal Was Handled All Wrong

Advent calendars are big business during the holidays, so when Chanel decided to release their first ever this year, it’s not surprising that the luxe brand sold out of them almost immediately.

But this is not your grandma’s advent calendar, the $825 gift set is shaped like a bottle of their signature No. 5 perfume and contains 27 mystery boxes that are meant to be unpacked from December 5 through 31.

Apparently there had already been some rumblings on the web about the quality of the items in the set, but it wasn’t until Elise Harmon’s now viral video, that the rest of the world saw just how unimpressive the offerings really were. Over a series of six TikTok videos, Elisa unboxes items that include stickers, stringed jewelry, a money clip, magnet, an animated flipbook — even an empty dust bag. The actual number of beauty products in the box total nine, only four of which are full size, the rest miniatures.

A day after Elise’s original video was posted to TikTok, Elise made a follow up video letting her followers know her account had been blocked by Chanel. And shortly after Chanel blocked Elise, they deleted their entire TikTok account. Rookie mistake for a brand that clearly does not understand the power Gen Z has on social.

Instead of blocking the TikToker who exposed them, Chanel should have hired her. Not only was she obviously a loyalist and champion of the brand, she is the target audience Chanel needs to stay viable in the future. By alienating her, Chanel loses, because this new generation believes in accountability, transparency, and inclusivity. Acting like a red velvet rope nightclub that turns people away from the door is so over.

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