Cabincore: Is It Fashion Or A Seasonal Depression Uniform?

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Cabincore: Is It Fashion Or A Seasonal Depression Uniform?

There are two types of people in this world — those who thrive in the summer weather and those who yearn for sweater weather. And no matter which one you are, the other one seems impossible to understand. And I know that the following opinion might be a little divisive, but as a beach bum and summer lover from the East Coast, the beginning of fall fills me with a sense impending doom. Every whiff of nutmeg and cinnamon or hearing people say "spooky season" only stimulates my seasonal depression.

So you'll have to forgive the fact that when I read on several style websites recently that "cabincore" is the fall fashion trend people are getting behind, I wanted to submerge my head into a vat of butternut squash soup. Now, my editor has informed me that "cabincore" is not a new thing, per se, and that the aesthetic and term is well known to people who know things about fashion and design. If you are like me and do not know these things, the Every Girl defines cabincore (not to be confused with cottagecore, which is also a thing — think Little House on the Prairie dresses) like this:

Unlike cottagecore, which nods to an idealized farm life, cabincore draws its inspiration from the mountains and forests. It’s more rustic and—dare we say it—perhaps more practical for chilly autumn and winter weather. While cottagecore fashion is airy and feminine, cabincore is warm and rugged.

Think oversized sweaters, flannel, corduroy, and quilted jackets. Apparently, sweater vests are also acceptable for layering purposes. It's all about romanticizing living in a cabin, even though most cabins are cold, require manual labor in order to have heat, rarely feature indoor plumbing, and are the first places people are murdered in horror movies.

Now my fall and winter go-to look is a sweater my dad wore in college, baggy sweatpants, and living under a blanket on the couch while watching Law and Order reruns until daylight savings time begins and serotonin resumes flowing through my brain. I call it my seasonal depression uniform. It's comfy and most importantly... it will get me through. That's all we really need, right?

But now we've got ASAP Rocky wearing a grandmother's quilt to the Met Gala and it's fashion. We've got Free People sending out emails telling me to spend $148 on a fleece jacket, because it's fashion. And you know what, this is music to my ears.

As someone who has longed to be able to wear an oversized flannel, chunky wool socks, and my grandpa's old utility jacket in public without my friends asking "Hey, when was the last time you spoke with your therapist?" now is my time to shine in the nonexistent winter sun. While I don't get it, I'll embrace it. Just call me a fashionista, and sign me up. But never ask me to ever go to an actual cabin to admire the foliage, you autumn-loving sociopath.

Images: Fox, Madewell

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