The Royal Family Isn’t Loving ‘The Crown’ This Season, In A Surprise To No One

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The Royal Family Isn’t Loving ‘The Crown’ This Season, In A Surprise To No One

Marathoning The Crown is the closest most people will ever get to an inside look at the British royal family, but for the actual royal family, the experience has to be surreal. Even though Queen Elizabeth II's brood have lived their entire lives in the public eye, seeing their various marriages, affairs, and personal vendettas against lunch dramatized can't be easy. Although the royals try their best not to express opinions about the show — for good or ill — there have been a few storylines on The Crown that reportedly left the palace fuming.

Not all of the royals are coy about their feelings toward The Crown. In May 2017, Hello! Magazine reported that Princess Eugenie told an audience at the China Exchange in London that she had watched a few episodes of the series, and it made her feel "proud." (Although, she may not be quite as happy with series creator Peter Morgan after he hinted at her father Prince Andrew's future scandals in Season 4.)

Additionally, Prince Edward may have roped the Queen into watching the early seasons, according to a report from the Daily Express, although Buckingham Palace has never publicly confirmed the monarch's viewing habits. While other royals, like Prince Philip, have denied even being tempted to watch the Netflix drama — per The Guardian, a friend of Matt Smith's told the actor that when they asked the prince during a dinner party if he had ever watched the show, he said, "Don't. Be. Ridiculous."

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