Fact-Checking 'The Crown' Season 4, Episode By Episode

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Fact-Checking 'The Crown' Season 4, Episode By Episode

If you ever find yourself wondering if the royal family could possibly be as interesting as they seem on The Crown, then just know that you are not alone. Throughout Season 4, the hit Netflix drama drops an astonishing array of random royal factoids on viewers — some of which sound too bizarre to be true. From Prince Charles' strange vendetta against lunch to the surreal scene featuring a bored Princess Diana roller-skating through Buckingham Palace, there are plenty of moments that left me wondering just how accurate The Crown really is.

Despite their near constant presence in the British (and American) tabloids, the royals live most of their lives behind closed doors. And while The Crown creator Peter Morgan is famously meticulous when it comes to accurately depicting big historical moments like Queen Elizabeth's coronation, he must take some liberties to fill out the details of the family's private lives, right? I mean is the Queen's love of Ibble-Dibble really the sort of thing that would be on record somewhere?

In order to solve that mystery and so many more, I fact-checked all 10 episodes of The Crown Season 4, so that you don't have to. Read on to discover which bizarre royal revelations are true or which are works of entertaining fiction conjured up by Morgan's incomparable imagination.

Episode 1: "Gold Stick"

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