I Watched All The Comic Adaptations Of 1949 & Found Wizards, Floating Guns, & Ed Wood Connections

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I Watched All The Comic Adaptations Of 1949 & Found Wizards, Floating Guns, & Ed Wood Connections

Joe Heath is a big fan of comic books and watching things in order. So he made this spreadsheet containing every serial, short, film, television episode, commercial, motion comic, and web series based on a comic book. Now he’s watching them all. Previously, Joe double-dipped for Superman and Congo Bill. This time, he watches the first ever Bat-Sequel.

Batman and Robin (May 26th, 1949)

This follow-up to Batman and the first ever comic book sequel was released on May 26th, 1949 by Columbia Pictures. The 15-part movie serial was directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet, who had previously directed Superman and Congo Bill and would go on to direct Atom Man vs. Superman and The Miraculous Blackhawk: Freedom’s Champion.

The serial was written by Royal Cole, George H. Plympton, and Joseph F. Poland. All three had previously written Superman. Cole and Poland had also previously written Captain America, Plympton had written Hop Harrigan, The Vigilante, and Congo Bill, and Poland had written The Adventures of Captain Marvel and Spy Smasher. Cole and Plympton would team up again for The Miraculous Blackhawk: Freedom’s Champion, Plympton and Poland for Atom Man vs. Superman, and finally, Cole would go solo for an episode of The Adventures of Superman.

Though this is the first-ever comic book sequel, there's not much tying it to the first serial. Not only is the creative team behind the scenes different, but the characters have all been recast. Say goodbye to your first Batman and Robin, Lewis Wilson and Douglas Croft.

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