I Watched Every Comic Adaptation From 1943 & Holy Racism, Batman!

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I Watched Every Comic Adaptation From 1943 & Holy Racism, Batman!

Joe Heath is a big fan of comic books and watching things in order. So he made this spreadsheet containing every serial, short, film, television episode, commercial, motion comic, and web series based on a comic book. Now he’s watching them all. Previously, Joe watched some Superman cartoons and the serial Spy Smasher. This time, he finishes the Superman cartoons and meets a man who dresses like a bat.

Superman: “The Mummy Strikes” (February 19th, 1943) - 7:48

The year 1943 starts with the 14th Superman cartoon, The Mummy Strikes. It’s the fourth Superman cartoon written by Jay Morton and the third directed by Isadore Sparber.

When Egyptologist Dr. Jordan is found dead outside of King Tush’s coffin, his assistant, Jane Hogan, is accused of the murder.

Clark Kent goes to investigate, but says he’s going to the doctor to get Lois off his scent. Lois doesn’t buy it and sneakily follows him.

At the museum, Clark gets a very long and boring history lesson on King Tush. Eventually, he discovers a poison booby trap on King Tush’s coffin that must have been what actually killed Dr. Jordan.

Also, he accidentally brings King Tush’s mummy guards back to life.

The mummies punch Clark into a coffin. Superman bursts out of the coffin, fights off all the mummies, and saves Lois and the museum owner. No one questions why Superman was in the coffin that Clark fell into. Convenient.

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