I Was Catfished By Lisa's Candy Necklace On 'The Circle'

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I Was Catfished By Lisa's Candy Necklace On 'The Circle'

When Lance Bass' long-time assistant Lisa first entered The Circle wearing a candy necklace, I thought to myself, "Aw! She's quirky, I love it." However, I did question the practicalities of her jewelry choice. Sure, it was kitschy cute, but I know from firsthand experience that candy necklaces become sticky about 2.5 seconds after you put one on, making them better for consumption than fashion. By now, you've likely spotted my error, but bear with me here, because it took me half a season to realize I had been catfished by Lisa's necklace.

Basically, Lisa is playing a game of catfish Inception on The Circle. First, she was a woman wearing a candy necklace pretending to be Lance Bass. Now she's a woman pretending to be a part-time Santa, full-time psychic named John. And the whole time her candy necklace wasn't a delicious $1 confection I could buy at any candy store worth its sea salt taffy, but rather a much-coveted $1,600 Chanel original.

Yes, I am ashamed that I can't tell the difference between a piece of Chanel jewelry and dime store candy. I'm even more ashamed of the fact that had I been Lisa's roommate, I likely would have broken a tooth while attempting to eat her extremely expensive necklace when she wasn't looking. But I'm not a proud woman, so I'm sharing my error in case you too were duped by her delicious looking neck candy (which, just to be clear, is tragically not literal candy).

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