Don't Feel Too Bad Jacki On 'The Circle' — She's An Emmy-Nominated Journalist

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Don't Feel Too Bad Jacki On 'The Circle' — She's An Emmy-Nominated Journalist

Being the last one invited to The Circle party is always a bummer, but it's hard to feel too bad for Season 3's final contestant, Jacki Jing. The video game-loving journalist would have been a great edition earlier on in the season, but introducing her in the final stretch pretty much guaranteed she would also be the last person voted out before the finale. Still, Jacki is basically a celebrity by The Circle standards. And since her media career is already well-established, her exit didn't hit as hard as some of the others (can we get #JusticeForDaniel trending, ya'll?).

If Jacki looks familiar, it's because she's a frequent host and producer for Nerdist and IGN. Her love for anime, video games, and pop culture in general has served her well — she even hosted a New York City Comic-Con panel for My Hero Academia. More recently, she was one of the 2021 hosts for E3, which is basically the Super Bowl for video game fans.

Jack isn't just known for her pop culture savviness (although that's definitely a big part of her brand), she has also taken on some hard-hitting news reports in the past. Before moving into the world of entertainment, she was a journalist for various news stations in Denver, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles, among other places. It was during this stage of her career that she was nominated for a Suncoast Regional Emmy for her reporting on the death of Takita Mathieu.

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