Is 'The Circle' Star "Jackson" In A Love Triangle With Nick & Jack From Season 2?

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Is 'The Circle' Star "Jackson" In A Love Triangle With Nick & Jack From Season 2?

Don't be alarmed, but somehow Jack from Season 2 has reentered The Circle chat, and he seems to have his eyes set on Jackson... err, make that Rachel. That's right my friends, there appears to be something of a love triangle brewing in the world of The Circle, and I, for one, am desperate for the tea. As the finale made (somewhat awkwardly) clear, Rachel is nursing a major crush on Daddy Nick, but in real life she seems to be vibing hard with one of Season 2's craftiest catfish, Jack.

As you may recall, Jack was sailing through the game quite nicely as Emily until the mannequin challenge made it abundantly clear he wasn't a 21-year-old sorority girl. During the next ratings, he was kicked out of The Circle, but he then re-entered as a team with Lance Bass' personal assistant, Lisa. It was a whole thing. But while he made his share of clever moves in the game, Jack didn't fall for any of his Season 2 castmates.

But he may have fallen for Season 3's Rachel. It seems all of The Circle cast members love to hang out, regardless of what season they're from, and since their seasons ended, Rachel and Jack have been spending time together in real life. Both Jack and Rachel have posted recent photos of themselves hanging out alongside Courtney, Lisa, Calvin, Savannah, and Jacki on their Instagram pages, and they've also been leaving some seriously flirty messages on each other's posts.

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