Why Does 'Challenger' Kyle *Refuse* To Redeem Himself?

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Why Does 'Challenger' Kyle *Refuse* To Redeem Himself?

On this week’s episode of the Challenge SL&A, we had all the makings of a redemption arc for Kyle Christie, our beard-transplanted Brit and brand new dad. After The Great Softening of the Satan Sisters, I was MORE than ready to see another much-maligned Challenger get the same treatment, and it seemed like that’s what we were in store for! Seriously, this episode sets up like, perfect Myth of the Hero shit swirling around Kyle.

He’s full of hubris, fails spectacularly, then has a chance to redeem himself. Classic Stuff! Except that instead of emerging from his ordeal a changed man, humbled by his experiences and with a renewed sense of purpose, Kyle... stays the same slimeball he always was.


In general, Kyle kind of fascinates me. I’ve never met a villain like him. Okay, villain is probably too strong a word, since he doesn’t exactly give diabolical mastermind vibes, but he IS almost always on somebody’s nerves and is widely considered untrustworthy. He seems to have no real loyalty in the game, historically just kind of rolling with whoever seems the strongest at the moment, and is admittedly pretty cowardly. He’s never been terribly interested in proving himself in elimination, and doesn’t seem particularly principled, either.

Some folks will tout a desire to play the game well, compete against the best, stay loyal to allies, blah blah blah and Kyle is just not that guy! We’ve seen him talk shit about partners, screw up bestie Devin’s strategy and just generally do whatever it takes to stay out of the line of fire. So like, maybe he’s less like Scar and more like one of those Hyenas, but still, that’s villain-adjacent.

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