Villains Ashley Mitchell & Amanda Garcia Were Hiding Their Soft Side

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Villains Ashley Mitchell & Amanda Garcia Were Hiding Their Soft Side

In this week’s episode of The Challenge, we finally learned the details of the twist TJ teased last episode (pairs are out, teams are in) and my favorite Rookie, Priscilla, went home. We also got something way less predictable than a mid-season game change or a Rookie being eliminated: warm and fuzzy versions of the self-proclaimed Satan Sisters.

Ashley Mitchell and Amanda Garcia have occupied villain-type roles from the start of their reality careers. Both of them were major sources of drama on their original MTV shows (Real World: Explosion for Ashley and AYTO3 for Amanda), and were known for being confrontational, outspoken, and... pretty obnoxious. In fact, Ashley was booted from her Real World season after an aggressive drunken outburst, while Amanda was involved in one of the few physical altercations in AYTO history (tons to unpack about Mike vs Amanda, but that’s a whole other story).

So yeah, long before these two ever entered the highly competitive world of the Challenge, they were plenty experienced in explosive antics. Now add these hotheads to the pressure cooker that is the Challenge house, where physical exhaustion, personality clashes and thousands of dollars in prizes make things tense on the BEST day, and of course all their trademark instability will be on full display. The nature of the Challenge means near-constant friction, giving two girls that barely need a reason to fight PLENTY of reasons to fight.

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