Ranking The Love Interests On 'The Bold Type' — From Trash To "Oh, I Liked Them"

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Ranking The Love Interests On 'The Bold Type' — From Trash To "Oh, I Liked Them"

The Bold Type is not about finding The One. If it's any sort of romance, it's of the friendship variety. The bond between Kat, Sutton, and Jane is the kind of love that most people dream of. Yes, these girls will be there to throw you a dance off-themed bachelorette party, but also will help you get a yoni egg out of your vagina, should the situation ever arise. (In the hallowed halls of Scarlet Magazine, the latter situation tends to happen kind of a lot.)

So, no, the love interests on The Bold Type rarely compete with the special thing that Kat, Sutton, and Jane has going on. Some, however, certainly succeed in being better love interests for these ladies — or at least, more preferred from an audience standpoint. In the wake of the final (sob!!!!) season, I've rounded up my least-to-most favorite love interests on the show, knowing full well that as long as these girls remain besties, IDGAF who they end up with.


Love interest: Sutton

Is it adorable that actor Billy Magnussen (who you may know as the woefully misguided tech entrepreneur from Made For Love) appeared on The Bold Type as his real life girlfriend Meghann Fahy's hookup? Sure. It's less cute, however, that Billy was married, with kids, when he sweet talked Sutton. Even grosser? His wife showed up to the barn following the clandestine hookup (thanks to phone tracking software — how very Made For Love!) and made Sutton feel like absolute garbage. All in all, a terrible experience for everyone involved, and while I'll happily ship Meghann and Billy all day long, Billie and Sutton should social distance forever.

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