Did Peter Really Serve Willy With A Subpoena At "The Men Tell All"?

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Did Peter Really Serve Willy With A Subpoena At "The Men Tell All"?

While The Bachelorette may boast "real" relationships, there is absolutely nothing real about Michelle's "Men Tell All." On Monday night's special, Peter served Willy with a subpoena — or at least it seemed like he did. But how real was that legal serving, and why has it come to this?

After a heated fight about whether Willy was responsible for Peter's pizzeria getting terrible reviews after his appearance on the show, "Men Tell All" hosts Tayshia and Kaitlyn gave Peter the last word. (And for what it's worth, it does suck that Peter's pizza place got terrible reviews, because that is his business and his employee's source of income. Unless the pizza actually tastes like pool water, keep off the Google reviews.)

But giving Peter that last word wasn't a coincidence, because it's when Peter invited out a man who seemingly served Willy with a subpoena for "defamation of character."

Even the men in the background were entertained by the stunt, which seems to be just that. A stunt. After this guy (who committed to the role, I have to say) served Willy, Peter said, "It's a taste of what's going to happen in real life."As if this was a dress rehearsal of what could come should Willy keep talking about Peter's pizza restaurant.

And that was it. Tayshia and Kaitlyn were like, "Anyway, things are tense, but we're cutting to commercial and gonna come back on an entirely new topic and pretend like this didn't just happen."

So was Willy served on national TV tonight? No. Did Peter have a moment to plea with the nation that his business will inadvertently suffer because of a reality TV show and belly flop into the pool like the jacket because he wanted to make a ridiculous scene? Yes. Does his pizza really taste like pool water? Jury is out.

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