Why Did The 'Bachelorette' Guys Clap? Blame John...

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Why Did The 'Bachelorette' Guys Clap? Blame John...

You know when you land at Orlando International Airport, and the whole plane inexplicably erupts into a round of applause as if they just watched their niece warble "I Hope You Dance" at her eighth grade talent show? That's just as awkward as what happened during last night's Bachelorette. Following some serious drama between the men, Katie held a rose ceremony that ended with... applause? But why? Why did the Bachelorette men applaud after the rose ceremony?

Well, blame John. Or, maybe, Katie for eliminating John. The contestant was an early favorite in the competition inside and outside of the house, not only for his strong cheekbones, but a strong code of ethics and family values. He seemed bound to win Katie's heart, with a personality that seemed in line with our Bachelorette, and a type consistent with our Bachelorette. According to his profile, John "loves when a woman is confident in her natural beauty and says that nothing turns him on more than a woman who pursues her passions every day."

Alas, the match, like your connection to Chicago Midway, was not meant to be. But while Karl got a very unceremonious boot out the door, John got literal claps from the rest of the room. And Katie herself confirmed it via Twitter:

[rich Embed]

They weren't the only ones showing signs of respect to John, though. Reddit β€” a platform more firmly in John's corner β€” mourned the loss of a man free from the regular toxic masculinity we see in other seasons of the show.

Even Katie acknowledged the sadness with the tweet equivalent of πŸ’β€β™€οΈ.

[rich Embed]

So, the applause proved that Katie might have cut someone worthy of love β€” good thing there's a whole season of Bachelor in Paradise to dull the pain of being an early exit. Though the cast has yet to be announced, John has more of a chance of landing on the beach than Karl, at the very least.

But props to Bachelorette's men for being a peanut gallery that stands up for their own β€” especially one of their own that could throw them some peanuts. Did I mention John is a pilot in training?

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