Why Are Marylynn & Sarah Not At The 'Women Tell All'?

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Why Are Marylynn & Sarah Not At The 'Women Tell All'?

After slogging through a whole season of mean girls and production pitting women against each other, I was looking forward to hearing from the women of Matt's season in the Women Tell All special. But, based on new official photos released of the episode, and the promo for the reunion, it looks like the women fans wanted to hear from the most, Marylynn Sienna and Sarah Trott, won't be at the Women Tell All at all.

The promo and photos from the Women Tell All confirm that frontrunners Serena P., Pieper, Katie, Kit, and Abigail will be there to face Matt, as will troublemakers MJ, Anna, Victoria, and Serena C., and fan faves Chelsea, Jessenia, Ryan, Mari, Khaylah, and Brittany. And that sounds like a lot of women until you realize it's only 15 women, which is less than half the amount of women Matt dated this season. But might Marylynn or Sarah make a surprise appearance? Let's see what we can gather from their social medias during the time of filming the WTA special.

The Evidence

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Both Sarah and Marylynn live in Los Angeles, where the Women Tell All was reportedly filmed on Feb. 4. So, any Instagram activity showing them in L.A. at the time of the reunion doesn't really mean much. And, nothing about their posts around Feb. 4 really stand out — no extravagant outfit posts or glammed up selfies with other cast members. The only thing I see that suggests Sarah was at the Women Tell All taping is this photo of her in a stunning blue jumpsuit, shared on Feb. 19. It's the perfect Women Tell All outfit. But, she's also a model so, this seems to be her regular day wear.

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