Who's The Girl Connor Kissed On 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All'? It's Tara Kelly

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Who's The Girl Connor Kissed On 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All'? It's Tara Kelly

It was one of the most staged, cringe-worthy moments in recent Bachelor Nation history, but fine, I'll bite. I had to know who the woman from the audience was with whom Connor B. "redeemed" himself with a kiss, and it's musician Tara Kelly. Connor B. follows her on Instagram, and well, the photos don't lie (unless they do? but why would they?): Tara is Connor's make-out buddy.

The Bachelorette isn't the only reality franchise that Tara has ties to. The self-described "cosmic country music" artist has recently shared photos on Instagram of her and a current contestant on Big Brother.

On July 7, Tara captioned a series of photos with Kyland Youjng that detailed how they met, and wished him well as he went behind the Big Brother doors. She wrote, "Proud doesn’t even close to cut it. I am ELATED that you are walking through those doors to fulfill your dream. To change your family’s life. To be the first Black BB player to win it all. You’ve supported mine and so many others’ dreams tirelessly and I will be fighting with you until the end. Mostly by yelling at the television."

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So, Tara is friends with a Big Brother contestant, and she's clearly friends with Connor ... but is there something more there? I mean, besides the kiss (ugh I hated it, I'm sorry!), is there evidence that Tara and Connor are dating?

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