Who Will Be The Next 'Bachelorette'? Let's Look At Who Is Still In The Running For The Lead

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Who Will Be The Next 'Bachelorette'? Let's Look At Who Is Still In The Running For The Lead

Did my girl Pieper just get a second shot at being the next Bachelorette? We’ve already talked about The Bachelorette and its relationship to Bachelor exit interviews — but some of the reality contestants got a do-over on the Women Tell All. During the March 1, episode of the ABC show, several contestants were given a second chance to pitch themselves as the next lead to the audience watching at home, including Pieper (who didn’t do herself any favors when she initially left the show).

There was no live audience on hand to gauge the crowd support or fan favorites, but it was clear to me who the potential candidates are based on who was invited to join Chris Harrison in the hot seat. He invited up Brittany, Katie, Abigail, Pieper and Serena P., and they all presented a pretty compelling case.


Sent home about halfway through Matt James’ season, Brittany’s exit wasn’t given much screentime. She was eliminated from the competition with a handful of other contestants as part of a rose ceremony, which meant she didn’t really land on my Bachelorette radar, but the WTA gave her a platform to prove if she was up to the task. And, frankly, she killed it.

During the reunion, she showed that she was capable of handling herself with class and grace under pressure. We never saw her lashing out at any of the other women on stage (or in the house for that matter), even when she had ample opportunity and excuses to do so. She also graciously forgave Anna’s apology despite the fact that the other woman’s actions meant her name will forever be linked to sex work when future employers or partners Google her. She’s gorgeous and seems like a fun woman to be around, which would make her an excellent Bachelorette candidate.

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