Was Matt James' Breakdown On 'The Bachelor' Because Of A Surprise Guest?

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Was Matt James' Breakdown On 'The Bachelor' Because Of A Surprise Guest?

Bachelor Matt James seemed headed for a full-blown spiral after Serena P. sent herself home — but something else may be responsible for his breakdown. On the Monday, February 22, episode of The Bachelor, we saw the lead in tears in a confessional. A preview for the next episode (that is, the one after the Women Tell All) teased that things get so bad for Matt James that he even considers quitting The Bachelor entirely. And while the powers that be have done everything they can to make us think this is about Serena, even hinting that she may have made a mistake walking away from the competition in a clip from the reunion, there’s another, even more sensitive subject that is likely at the root of his turmoil: His dad.

In the first episode of this season, Matt gave us the basics about his life. Growing up, he and his brother were raised by their mom. Their father wasn’t in the picture from a young age, and the reality personality hasn’t kept in touch with him over the years. However, it seems like Matt’s dad is just about ready to put himself back in the narrative — and just in time to be on TV.

According to Reality Steve in his January 26 blog (beware of spoilers if you click through), the producers reached out to Manny James and brought him to the Nemacolin resort. It seems it was that news that led to the emotional moment we only caught a glimpse of, but there’s no saying yet if Matt actually decided to meet up with his dad and, if he did, how it went. Maybe it really was about Serena, but color me convinced when I say I have no trouble believing the show would stoop this level. The writing’s been on the wall for a while now, so let’s take a look at the proof.

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