Here's What Susie's Been Up To Since 'The Bachelor' Finished Filming

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Here's What Susie's Been Up To Since 'The Bachelor' Finished Filming

Susie has been a frontrunner on The Bachelor since Day 1. However, things seem to be potentially taking a turn as we round the corner for the final three episodes of the season. In a preview for the remaining episodes, Susie appears to tell Clayton of her hesitancies moving forward in their relationship after he tells her he's in love with her. (Rough.) It doesn't bode well for them as a pair, but producers have been teasing storylines all season long, so it's hard to say what's real and what's not.

What we do know about Susie is what she's been up to since the show stopped filming. And she's been busy! I combed through her social media to see if there are any clues as to how this season will end for her, as well as check in on what she's been doing since becoming a Bachelor Nation star.

She's been having watch parties

She's watching the show with her best friends and fans in Virginia Beach. Take a drink for every time someone says "journey." (And yes, I'm going to read into why her Bachelor IG highlight is called "Stressed." Doesn't seem like something a happily in love woman would say, right?)

She moved into a new apartment in Virginia Beach

[rich Embed]

Family means so much to Susie, which is apparent in this Instagram post where she announced her move and thanked her parents for letting her crash with them. Love that she called them her "roommates."

She's been teaching fitness classes

[rich Embed]

Susie is a fitness instructor with Body by Craig and has still been teaching classes while the show has been airing.

She's been taking wedding videos and photos

[rich Embed]

Susie owns her own video production company and has been out here capturing people's weddings. Will someone need to capture her own wedding to Clayton, or would the two just go selfie stick for the ceremony. (Or maybe it won't be needed at all, based on this week's new preview.)

She's been working at Chicks Oyster Bar

@susiewaslike I’m having a panic attack… Thanks @Alexandra Beisel ♬ original sound - kitten 😟

This is one busy girl between teaching fitness classes, operating her own video production company, and working at a restaurant. We love to see the hustle, Susie.

She was on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast

[video Embed]

With Susie's pageant background, she'd be a great podcast host. Just saying.

This girl is hustling and after being an actor in New York City for many years, I appreciate it so hard. Lucky for her (and us) she can quit all her jobs and just be a full time influencer now if she wants to.

Image: Instagram, @susiecevans

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