Finally, An Update On The 'Senior Bachelor' & Its Potential Lead

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Finally, An Update On The 'Senior Bachelor' & Its Potential Lead

I think many of us started giving up hope that the Senior Bachelor would ever happen, but! We have an update. ABC executive Rob Mills told Variety that the "Bachelor for old people" is coming. We just have to be patient.

“The senior citizens show is definitely going to happen at some point,” Mills told Variety in late April, 2022. “The response to that is so massive every time we put up a casting call, so I think it’s definitely coming sooner rather than later.”

Mills continues, “For us, we really feel a responsibility to find the right person to be that senior Bachelor. So, we’re looking. COVID obviously put a major wrinkle in everything, but we are really looking back in earnest at it.”

It seems that he already has someone in mind... and it's exactly who you think it is. “I would be crazy to say that we didn’t notice all the affection and interest in Gabby [Windey's] grandfather, so you never know,” Mills told Variety.

Gabby is currently filming as a double lead for next season of The Bachelorette with Rachel Recchia. This is after their nightmare post-fantasy suite nights with former Bachelor lead Clayton Echard, who at the last possible minute, decided he wanted to pursue Susie Evans after sending her home.

But before things with Clayton went south, Gabby's grandfather, Grandpa John, had viewers in the palm of his hand when he appeared to be perfect for the Senior Bachelor role. When he told the story of why he still wore his wedding ring because he is proud to have been married to his late wife for so long, it won a lot of us over.

Between that, which was probably the most romantic thing shown on Clayton's season (maybe ever in Bachelor history), and his happy-go-lucky attitude, fans have already cast him in their minds.

This was not something that went unnoticed with the people at ABC.

"Gabby’s grandfather really gave the thesis of what that show should be, which is that he found that great love. We saw that he still wears the ring, so by the way, he might not be ready for something like this — and then, there is the question of having one great love in your lifetime, but can you have another?" Mills went on to say.

It's exciting to see that Senior Bachelor is a high priority, especially after it's been teased for two years (yes, two years!) on the show with no real update, until now.

Do you think Grandpa John should be the first one to hand out roses?

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