Unpacking Bennett's Present Of Friendship On 'The Bachelorette'

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Unpacking Bennett's Present Of Friendship On 'The Bachelorette'

As the Noah-Bennett rivalry continued to rear its ugly head during the Tuesday, Dec. 1, episode of The Bachelorette, Tayshia had enough. With a rose ceremony closing in, she decided to settle the drama once and for all. Pulling a page out of Peter’s book from The Bachelor, she invited both stars to meet up with her before the evening’s official cocktail party began — but she also gave them some time on their own to hash things out. Despite the fact that he had been awash in emotional fall out from Noah’s devious plan from the last rose ceremony, Bennett decided he wanted to make peace, and he brought a present along to help him do that.

Only, that isn’t quite right, is it? After the Nov. 24 episode, I broke down what wasn’t actually a mastermind scheme on Noah’s behalf, and now I’m ready to take on Bennett’s fake olive branch of a gift. No matter how often the Harvard grad insisted that he didn’t know where their tension came from, it was clear that he was the instigator time and time again — and even his fellow contestants who were ostensibly on his side seemed to see it.

“Bennett, I know he’s dismissive, I think sometimes he can be condescendent, arrogant. I think we have polar opposites completely,” Bennett’s BFF (and frequent coconspirator) Ed told the rest of the group. In a confessional, he continued, “Whatever Bennett tells Noah, it’s going to be a huge diss. It’s going to be insulting. And it probably will be hilarious. It should be a battle royale.”

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