Tre's Uncle, Revealed (And He's A Doctor!)

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Tre's Uncle, Revealed (And He's A Doctor!)

Ask and you shall receive, Bachelor Nation. It took two days, but Bachelor in Paradise star Tre finally released a photo of his uncle on Twitter. And, I just want to say for the record, Tahzjuan, I get it.

Tre's uncle has become a hot topic among Bachelor Nation ever since it was revealed that Tahzjuan actually went on a date with him before going to Paradise, where — surprise, surprise — she ended up hitting it off with Tre! At this point in the season, Tre's uncle might actually be a part of the season's very first love triangle. And he's not even on the beach. But, other than the fact that he's Tre's mother's brother and that he met Tahzjuan on a dating app, we knew next to nothing about him. Until now.

"To those who care, meet Uncle Anthony," Tre tweeted Wednesday, dropping a pic of his beloved uncle. Though his uncle apparently doesn't have a Twitter handle, he does have an Instagram page, which Tre conveniently linked on his own Insta Stories.

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So far, Dr. Anthony Cooper has not commented on his Bachelor in Paradise 15 minutes of fame. On Twitter, Tre told a fan that his family had not seen the episode — "Not this time around," he wrote. So, it's possible Dr. Anthony Cooper has no idea his dating life was such a key plot point in the season premiere, or that his nephew just made out with a woman on national television that he also made out with. (He also likely missed the part where Tahzjuan told the cameras that Tre is a better kisser than his uncle, which is probably for the best.)

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