The Photos Of Clare & Dale Are Just So Over The Top

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The Photos Of Clare & Dale Are Just So Over The Top

As quick as they got together, they broke up. And as quick as they broke up, they got back together. At least it seems that way from the newest photos of Clare and Dale romping around on the shores of a Florida beach. And if it's not the apparent reconciliation that has you utterly confused, perhaps it is the very candid and veryyyy natural slap of the ass photo that feels like the 2021 version of Speidi's iconic sandy stroll.

There is nothing natural/in the moment/organic/real/authentic/non-deliberate/impulsive/or spontaneous about these photos of Clare and Dale. Just click through them on the Daily Mail and see for yourself, or take my word for it: These photos are more staged than an Abby Lee Miller Dance Moms performance. Spencer and Heidi reportedly brought in a ton of money from staging photos with paparazzi to stay relevant and rich, but Clare and Dale literally had CNN reporting on their breakup one month ago. Have we fallen that quickly?

Unfortunately for Clare and Dale, Bachelor Nation has its eyes set on much bigger fish to fry these days, so perhaps this was their way of saying, "Hey guys! Over here! Don't forget about us!" If that may be the case, namaste my friends. But please don't insult my intelligence by using a plandid butt slap as means of getting my attention.

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