Bekah Martinez From 'The Bachelor' Didn't Go Missing — Just Blame Cell Service & A Bear?

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Bekah Martinez From 'The Bachelor' Didn't Go Missing — Just Blame Cell Service & A Bear?

Hey, remember that time Bekah Martinez from The Bachelor went missing? A few years back, when Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of the ABC show was airing, one of his contestants caused quite a stir when her picture turned up on missing person posters. Rumors quickly started circulating — and the reality star ended up clearing the air on Jimmy Kimmel Live. As it turns out, though, she didn’t actually share the whole story with fans, but now she’s dishing the real deets.

On her Instagram Story on Tuesday, May 4, Bekah decided that it was finally time for her to break the whole thing down. And, as it turns out, it’s a tale with more than a few surprises involving a bear, a former friend, and some major technological difficulties.

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Less Money, More Problems

While the Bachelor or Bachelorette themselves might make a pretty penny as the star, contestants don’t get paid to appear on TV. Sure, if they’re lucky, they’ll make plenty in sponsorships after the fact, but it’s not exactly inexpensive to go on the dating show.

Not only do you have to be able to afford to take all that time off work, you also have to bring a whole host of red carpet ready outfits for all of those fancy cocktail parties and rose ceremonies. Some stars have even reportedly remortgaged their house so they could afford a new wardrobe. So after Bekah went on the show, she needed a way to make cash fast.

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