'The Bachelorette' Breaks the Fourth Wall With Jamie's Bizarre Producer Convo

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'The Bachelorette' Breaks the Fourth Wall With Jamie's Bizarre Producer Convo

The red flags with Bachelorette contestant Jamie Skaar popped up right from the start. Early on when he told the other guys, "I travel to third world countries on a days notice by myself" as a reason he might not be compatible with Michelle, it was more funny than villainous. But, Jamie's become more of a traditional Bachelorette villain since. (Albeit a short-lived one, but we'll get to that.) Tuesday night's episode solidified his villain status with a rare fourth-wall-breaking moment in which Jamie, essentially, talked crap on the other guys and Michelle to a producer.

Jamie is part of the second group date of the episode. The daytime portion of the date involves the men writing and performing their own spoken word poetry. While they are meant to tell a story about themselves, Jamie tells a parable about a girl walking down a path that other contestants compare to a TED Talk, motivational speaking, and cult-leading.

But that's nothing compared to what happens at the evening cocktail party. At the end of the night, Michelle gives Brandon the group date rose, and as the guys are heading out, Brandon asks to speak to a producer. They tell him they can go talk in a room, and Jamie puts it all out there — while still mic'd up. The camera is not in the room with Jamie and the producer, but he's shot from afar through a window.

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