What Is Rodney Doing After 'The Bachelorette'? An Update On Everyone's Favorite Contestant

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What Is Rodney Doing After 'The Bachelorette'? An Update On Everyone's Favorite Contestant

From the moment he stripped down and sprinted through a hotel lobby, we knew that Rodney from The Bachelorette was one to love. Or maybe it was when he didn't know the difference between different types of apples in the first episode. Or when he said in his Bachelorette bio he wanted to be "wifed up." Clearly, there are many moments to fall in love with the ex-football player, who has made it into Michelle Young's final four on the show.

That's right, the final four. After a bloodbath of a week last Monday, when Michelle went from the Final 8 to the Final 4 — meaning, hometowns — Rodney was left standing with Nayte, Joe, and Brandon. The competition is high, and someone will officially win Michelle's heart during the finale in a few weeks. But is that going to be Rodney? We decided to look into what Rodney has been up to after The Bachelorette to look for clues as to if he's single, if he's dating anyone (Michelle, perhaps?), and if he's streaked through any public establishments. Let's dive in.

He reflects fondly on his time on the show

Rodney is a bright spot on The Bachelorette. He's removed from drama and is just one giant teddy bear (see photo above). And his positive energy has continued beyond the show's filming onto his social media page, where he talks about the show in such a genuine way. In a recent post, following the announcement of the Final 4, Rodney reflected on the impact and importance of a Final 4 made up of only people of color. He said:

History was made last night! First time in Bachelor Nation history where the final four are all POC. I’m so honored to be standing beside these incredible people.

First, I have to thank Michelle for allowing this moment to be real and seen. Diversity and inclusion is so important in today’s society. Next, I have to commend these men who I couldn’t be more proud to stand beside. No matter what the outcome is, these are my brothers. I’m so thankful to be a part of this group and continue this journey. 🙌🏽🙏🏽🌹

But what has he been up to?

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Rodney isn't much of a sharer online, but there's no doubt that over the last few months, Rodney has been very grateful for his experience on the show. Beyond that, there's not much to go off of. He's barely tagged in photos on Instagram, so not many clues there. The one thing I can say confidently, based on his Twitter, is that I guarantee Rodney has been watching football over the last few months.

OK, is he dating anyone, though — specifically Michelle?

The two haven't been spotted anywhere, but that doesn't mean much when we know that Bachelorette and Bachelor couples usually have to rendezvous in private locations. Neither has posted a Snapchat of the other accidentally (ah, the good old days), and they weren't spotted getting lunch together by a fan. But, and let me speculate here, Michelle did post a picture of her holding an apple on Instagram about a week ago. The caption reads, "An apple a day….." which could allude to her being a teacher. Or (!) it could allude to her picking someone who dressed as an apple during limo exits.

Let's talk spoilers though...

Yes, I said spoilers. According to Reality Steve — and again, spoilers are coming — Michelle is not engaged to Rodney by the end of The Bachelorette. I'll let you click through here to read more, but when it comes to seeing Michelle after the show, it's probably in the capacity of Men Tell All or something orchestrated by the producers of the show. (Unless the two are friends and hanging out regularly, then I'm the fool here.)

With that said, Rodney has definitely set himself up as a fan favorite, so perhaps there's more to come for him. Depending on how his exit goes on The Bachelorette, perhaps he could fill the spot for the second Bachelor season in 2022? Or at least make it to Paradise. It's the least the show could do.


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