Ranking The Words Of Wisdom From 'The Bachelor' Hometowns

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Ranking The Words Of Wisdom From 'The Bachelor' Hometowns

There's a point on The Bachelor — hometown week, specifically — that is all about uncomfortable conversations and tough love from the people who know you best. Despite the fact that both the lead and the contestants have been living and building their relationships in the Bachelor bubble for weeks, reality will always find its way back into reality TV, and that perspective usually comes when families enter the equation.

Like with the friends and family date, introducing your mom or dad or sister to your maybe-potential-future-spouse pushes a lot of contestants to consider whether or not what they have is the real deal and how it fits into their world outside of the show. Sometimes, the contestants do that work themselves … and, sometimes, their loved ones do a lot of the heavy lifting. On this season, the women’s family members had a lot of insight to share — but whose words of wisdom were the most valuable?

Finding love on The Bachelor is a "process" or a "journey," not a competition, but there's always going to be a winner. From gentle reassurances to earth-shattering revelations, I decided to rank the relationship advice we saw this week. Check it out.

#8: Kim, Rachael’s Mom

In terms of sharing a wake up call with her daughter or words of wisdom to live by, Rachael’s mom just didn’t give us a lot to work with in the episode. It’s very possible she had some valuable insight into the situation, but if she did, it didn’t make it into the final cut of the show. Instead, all of we saw of Kim was her asking her daughter how Matt was — and then trying to dig for his flaws.

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