What Is Up With Peter Weber & Why Can't I Look Away?

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What Is Up With Peter Weber & Why Can't I Look Away?

Remember when Peter Weber was just a sweet pilot who blushed when Hannah Brown found a condom in his car? Yeah, I doubt he does either. Since his absolutely unhinged Bachelor journey — remember when he got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss and then dumped her for Madison Prewett, and then a few days later, dumped Madison and started dating Kelley Flanagan? — he's only gotten more chaotic. And I just have one question: Peter Weber, what do you think you're doing?

Look, Pilot Pete is a 29-year-old reality TV star, and he's allowed to do whatever he wants. But this past week has just been too much for me. I simply cannot condone this behavior, but I also cannot for the life of me look away. From the ridiculously absurd, to the downright sketch, here's what Peter's been up.

The Victoria Justice TikTok

First, on Sunday, May 23, he appeared in a TikTok with Victoria Justice, Renata Sanfilippo, and Madison Grace. In the video, he rides up to a mansion on a dirt bike — sans helmet — as the three women strut down the front steps. Sanfilippo, wearing a fluffy pink minidress, then awkwardly attempts to hop onto the back of the bike (it takes a couple seconds and is painfully uncomfortable), and the two drive off.

[rich Embed]

Why? What is this video saying? Why didn't they get another take to make the whole getting-on-the-bike portion less awkward? (Side note: is there anything more gross than seeing a man in a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers pick up a girl in a fancy dress and stilettos?) The random appearance by Victoria Justice just makes it all the more confounding. It's been reported that the two are childhood friends — though his ex, Kelley, seemed to suggest that Peter and Justice might have been something more a few weeks ago on Instagram, after Peter shared a different photo with the former Nickelodeon star and Sanfilippo.

Did Kelley Just Accuse Peter Of Cheating?

If you're thinking, "Wow, this TikTok sure screams Big Fuckboi Energy," consider your suspicions confirmed. On Friday, Kelley appeared on the Chicks In The Office podcast, and she accused Peter of disrespecting her towards the end of their relationship. After they broke up around Christmas in 2020, she claims she asked him not to announce their split publicly before New Year's to give her time to tell her friends and family. But, according to Kelley, Peter "had to do it in 2020." (I can feel her eye roll from here.)

Kelley also claimed that their second breakup, after a brief reconciliation around Valentine's Day, was very — very — final. "He texted me, I didn't respond and then found some news out that I wasn't happy about. We still had each other on Find My Friends, we were closing it out, it was ending but still wasn't necessarily done," she said. After that, she told him to "get the hell out of my life" and "lose my number."

I want to focus on this because it seems important. Kelley is definitely implying that she saw him on Find My Friends with another woman, right?

Peter's Response

After Kelley's appearance on Chicks In The Office, Peter is getting ready to strike back and tell his side of the story on his own podcast, Bachelors in the City. "I'd like to vent to you, if I could," Peter says in a podcast tease, currently on the podcast's Stories. The podcast also uploaded a graphic teasing the episode on Tuesday, with the caption, "It's been a long time coming. Peter is ready to set the record straight."

All of this brings me back to my original question: what the hell do you think you're doing, Peter? Tell your side of the story, fine, but just know... Kelley is a much more reliable witness than a man we all watched dump his fiancée. Kelley may have implied that Peter cheated, but she left a lot of details out. If he says something she doesn't like on his pod, she could retaliate and spill even more tea.

I'll Just Leave You With This...

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Tread carefully, Pilot Pete, or there will be no going back.


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