Clayton and Shanae drama

So Shanae is one of the best villains I’ve seen on The Bachelor in a while. She’s a terrible person and I don’t condone what she does but I can honestly say she’s carried the season. Well that and the preview of Clayton admitting he’s slept with more than one of the front runners. Anyways one of the most messed up things Shanae has done was make fun of a girl That revealed she had adhd. Clayton posted a politicians apology about how he wish he knew about Shanae’s bad behavior. Not only did we see Clayton witness the other ladies up in arms about Shanae but he also let her stay after seeing her admit that she broke the trophy. So he looks like a liar already. But now there’s tea from one of the contestants that got eliminated that she TOLD Clayton that Shanae was bullying someone. I just think this whole situation is…typical for a man like Clayton. He’s so obsessed with trying to hold on to a girl he finds attractive that he made excuses for her and now is trying to seem like he’s a good guy that was deceived.

Oh and now that people are like oh no you knew he wants to make it seem like production made him keep her. Which could be true. But I REALLY doubt he fought at all for her to leave because we see how he gives her special treatment regardless.