Will Shanae be on this season of Bachelor In Paradise

The Women Tell All is airing on Monday night, which should be interesting because it's definitely going to be the most exciting episode of the season. While Clayton himself has been a bit of a buzzkill, we had no shortage of drama amongst the contestants. There's definitely going to be a lot to unpack, especially with Shanae.

Everyone had beef with Shanae, and she seems primed to take that villainous energy and bring it to paradise. I'm not jumping the gun here, either, because as the season comes to a close, it's only natural for us to wonder who will leave trade in their cocktail dress for a bikini. And while no one would call Shanae a fan-favorite contestant, she definitely was the center of this season's drama. She feels like a shoe-in, even though fans don't necessarily want to see her there.

And to be clear, I'm not one of those fans. I'd love to see her in Mexico. I don't think she's a good person (according to Reality Steve, she takes no accountability at WTA) but isn't that what Paradise is made for? People who are unhinged and chaotic and don't care what people think of them? Can't we just release her down those iconic beach stairs and watch her create a hurricane (and not the alcoholic one).

The bigger question is if she'd even want to do Paradise. She hasn't said anything on the matter, but as it has been said... villains gotta vill, right? 🍹🏝