'The Bachelorette' Format- According to Reality Steve

Reality Steve got the low down on how 'The Bachelorette' is going to do two leads. Some highlights are:

- They are both dating the same guys- and they guys can date both women.

-It'll be one group date (with both leads), and two 1-on-1 per week (1 for each woman)

-With hometowns, they are going to split the crew (unless they both want to go to the same person's hometown) and will be filming simultaneously.


I definitely think it's an interesting twist and there is a huge possibility they could like the same guy adding to the drama, which I'm sure the producers would just love. But something about it still feels so anti-feminist to me even though they said they chose them because of the way they were "supporting each other." Do you think they would have ever done this with two guys? I dk.