Olu From 'The Bachelorette' Has A Million Abs & 1 Giant Red Flag

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Olu From 'The Bachelorette' Has A Million Abs & 1 Giant Red Flag

There are many men that haven't gotten their due yet on Michelle's Bachelorette season, and Olumide Inajide is definitely one of them. And, since The Bachelorette refuses to show us more of Olumide, aka Olu, aka "Swolu" to some of the guys in the house, we'll just have to find out more about him ourselves.

Olu's official Bachelorette bio is pretty light on details. It says he's a 27-year-old IT Analyst from New Jersey who played basketball at Rutgers University, but other than that the most revealing thing in there is that he "hates tofu" and "is coming in HOT!" (I mean, he can't help it...just look at him.) To really learn about Olu, you have to go to his socials. I did, and here's what I found.

Olu Is A Model

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Olu might work in IT (his LinkedIn has zero jobs currently listed, but it also doesn't look like he uses it much) it's clear his passion is being a model and fitness influencer. Based on his profile, he definitely has some success in both areas, appearing in fashion spreads for Blavity, working with Shea Moisture Men and Medium. He even starred in a sexy video short that aired on BET in 2019. In 2017, he gave an interview with Talk Media Africa, saying that his goal was to become a full time model and "pay off my 100K school debt." (P.S. Yes, there are some nude shots.)

He's Educated

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Olu got his Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration from Rutgers in 2016, and he later graduated with a Masters in Healthcare Administration in 2018. It was actually during his time as an undergrad that he began modeling on the side, and he was able to continue to build up his career while getting a Masters.

He's Nigerian

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Olu was born and raised in Jersey, but considers himself "100% Nigerian," as he told Talk Media Africa. "Both my parents were born and raised in Nigeria and hav taught me to love and embrace my culture and to never forget my roots."

He's Been On Reality TV Before & Was An Extra On 'Billions'

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Olu participated in 2020's Ultimate Tag on Fox — see above — and was reportedly an extra in an episode of Billions.

Olu's Red Flag

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The biggest red flag I could find about Olu on his social media was this tweet from Nov. 3: "Imagine being obsessed with pizza [face palm emoji]." Clearly, this was directed at Peter, the pizzeria owner who wouldn't shut up about being a pizzeria owner, but the messaging here isn't great. How dare this man doubt my love of pizza? Even your million abs don't make up for such pizza slander!

Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin

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