8 Things To Know About 'The Bachelorette's Nayte Olukoya

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8 Things To Know About 'The Bachelorette's Nayte Olukoya

It is the 85th week of continuous Bachelor Nation TV and we've finally made it to Michelle's season of The Bachelorette. Way back in the spring, Katie and Michelle were announced as back-to-back Bachelorettes and between then and now we've experienced pain, grief, expressions of love, and that's all just from the one time Greg Grippo had to shove a pound of pasta down his throat.

Welcoming in Michelle's season is the rumored frontrunner of the season, Nayte Olukoya. As detailed on The Dipp, Nayte's bio on the ABC site reads like the man can truly do no wrong. (It calls him "an Adonis of a man.") But what more is there to this guy than being a terrible dancer, world traveler, and perfect specimen?

Let's get into it.

He Graduated From Eastern Washington University

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Nayte has a BA in Business Administration with a Minor in Africana Studies. He even paid his way through college himself. Impressive.

His Dog Is Also Perfect

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ABC may call Nayte an Adonis but I'll call Percy an angel, thank you very much.

He Lives In Austin

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But first, read the caption. OK, back to our regularly scheduled programing. According to his LinkedIn, Nayte is a Senior Account Executive for Indeed.

He Has The Canada Thing Working In His Favor

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Both his Twitter and Instagram bio tell us he's from Canada, which is the current titleholder for recent Bachelorette winners.

He Also Was A Fan Of Tiger King

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And he's funny? A keeper.

He Reads (Huge!)

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And is always looking to grow and evolve. Love to see it.

He Likes To Travel

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Which is good, because Michelle lives in Minnesota, so someone is going to need to move if things work between them.

He Has Mad Tattoo Game

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OK, so maybe ABC was right and he is the full package?

Images: ABC

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