Maybe Don't Cross Katie On 'The Bachelor'?

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Maybe Don't Cross Katie On 'The Bachelor'?

For almost 20 years of The Bachelor, the male lead is in charge of making cuts. Each week, he stands in front of a group of gown-clad women who are internally wishing/hoping/praying that they get a rose and don't get cut from the show and lose a shot at love. In that order. But this year, Matt James is anything but in control. Instead, Katie on The Bachelor has single-handedly picked off three women from the competition (deservedly), and, for some reason, the women left on the show haven't figured that out.

Allow me to quickly rundown the contestants who have met their Bachelor maker by the hands of Katie:

  • First we have Anna, who started a damaging rumor about Brittany a few weeks back. Katie alerted Matt of the bullying, which he addressed (not before ratting Katie out) by eliminating Anna and...
  • Victoria! Although she left during a rose ceremony — not as satisfying as Anna being eliminated during a cocktail party — she was still eliminated. Bye!
  • Most recently, MJ was eliminated after Jessenia flagged her behavior to Matt, which fell under the Katie umbrella.

Now, imagine my surprise when Serena C. decided it was a good idea to come for Katie before and after the rose ceremony, accusing her of having "other intentions" on the show. Serena blamed Katie for starting "little fires" of drama that inevitably stole time away from the other women. According to Serena, Katie has been involved in all of the drama (and subsequent eliminations) that have been Matt's main focus of the season.

And you know what? She has! Katie is a stone cold killer, and doesn't Serena C. know that it's probably not a great idea to cross a killer? Katie is speaking up for bad behavior in the house. She's calling it as she sees it! So why, pray tell Serena, would you go against this woman? Would you hand a sniper a bullet, Serena? Just wonderin'!

Katie, of course, was barely phased by Serena's issues with her during their very heated conversation. Katie stood by her whistleblowing, claiming she's never said a woman's name in any of her conversations with Matt and the people who were hurt by the goings on decided to tell Matt about it themselves. And in a true "go fuck yourself" tone, Katie left the convo with this line that will go into my will for headstone engraving when Katie inevitably eliminates me from a show that I'm not even on.

[rich Embed]

Possible spoilers for The Bachelorette to follow.

And while some (ahem, Serena. It's only Serena) seem super bothered by Katie's moral compass, consider her killer instinct a training course of sorts. This weekend, Reality Steve has named Katie as the next Bachelorette, and while ABC has yet to announce it, it seems pretty locked in. So really, it's good that Katie gets comfortable knocking people off — it's gonna be her day job pretty soon.

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